On Thursday, 8th December Lower Two visited The Shard. The children had the privilege of experiencing ‘a day at the office’ at Kraft Heinz.

In preparation to our visit the children worked hard in groups to create their own sauce flavours, we researched sauce ideas plus looked at various advertising techniques in order to fine tune our pitches.

During the visit, the children were given a very warm welcome to Kraft Heinz, we were given a tour of both floors in The Shard that are occupied by Kraft Heinz. The children learnt the background history of the company whilst familiarising themselves with the various brands that fall under the umbrella of Kraft Heinz.

The children were lucky enough to eat lunch at The Shard, they were provided with pasta (with Heinz pasta sauces) and chips which allowed them to try the different Heinz dipping sauces (our favourite sauce was the ‘Pickle Flavour Tomato Ketchup’).

We met a number of important people (Shireen Hamdy – creator of Tingley Teds which is Ed Sheeran sauce, Rafael Oliveira – International President of Kraft Heinz and Prash Akkapeddi – Head of General counsel). Finally, the children had an opportunity to present their pitches to the important people, previously mentioned, in the Kraft Heinz boardroom.