Mission Statement

“Let the message of Christ in all its riches find a home with you.  Teach each other and advise each other in all wisdom.”

Colossians 3:16

  • Recognising the vital importance of the loving kindness of Christian discipline and a reverence for God and respect for His word, we will endeavour to transmit the values which result from these beliefs to all our children.
  • We will ensure that the children are offered every encouragement to develop the varied gifts that God has given them to realise their full potential, whilst accepting the need to care for and consider others both within the boundaries of the School and beyond.
  • We will strive through our words, our work, and our example, and through communal prayer to bring the Holy Spirit into the daily life of the School accepting that all our achievements are to the glory of God.

Pupil’s Version

  • As members of a Christian school, we believe that Jesus Christ is at the centre of all that we think, do and say.
  • We acknowledge that God is our Father and that everyone of us is His son or His daughter.
  • Believing this we respect and care for each person in our school community, valuing them for who they are and for all that they achieve.
  • We always try to work and behave to the very best of our ability using all the gifts and talents which God has given us.