Exam Results and Places Offered

KS2 Results for the 2022-2023 cohort including National comparisons.

KS2 2022/2023 Reading SPAG Maths

UPS student achieving the expected standard

100% 95% 95%
National results for expected standard
73% 65% 73%
UPS Average Standardised Score 113 112 111
National Average Standardised Score 105 105 104

UPS average score for combined results: 97%           National average score for combined results: 59%

The schools that offered places to the children of Cohort of 2022-2023

City of London School for Girls St. Paul’s Girls’ School Benenden Woldingham
Brentwood School New Hall School Queen Anne’s Moon Hall
Chelmsford County High School for Girls (CCHS) King Edward VI Grammar School Westcliff High School for Girls Colchester County High School for Girls
Guildford High School The Henrietta Barnett School