“I am an Infant now and I can tie my own shoelaces.”

“We go out in the playground with the big children now.”

“I like to do Maths on my iPad.”

“We have fun in Intermediate.”

Intermediate Pupils

Intermediate is led my Mrs. J. Price and supported by Mrs. V. Vize.

Intermediate, (known as Year 1 in the National Curriculum), is the first of our two infant classes. Lessons are more formal than in Early Years, and we continue to encourage the children to become even more independent and responsible.  Literacy and Mathematics continue to form the basis of their learning, whilst other work is now organised into discrete subjects; an example being History and Science, which are introduced as more formal subjects.  Click on the crosses to learn more.

As part of the Great Fire of London topic, a Tudor Street is made out of cardboard boxes; including the bakery in Pudding Lane where the blaze started   The children then re-enact the Great Fire  by setting the bakery alight!

Science is made into a fun activity.  The children enjoy exploring and describing materials whilst blindfolded.  They are taught to use scientific language to explain how the different materials feel.

Barleylands is a favourite trip.  The children learn about ‘Field to Fork’ and experience making pizzas from scratch.  They also have a tour of the animals and learn about growing vegetable in a poly tunnel.

The children in Intermediate really enjoy having visitors to the school for special occasions; highlights being when they are able to welcome Mummies for our Mothers’ Day Assembly and Daddies for our Fathers’ Day celebration. The latter is particularly fun, as the Dads and children in Intermediate are pitted against the Dads and children in Transition for some exciting construction challenges. Competition is fierce!

Another eagerly anticipated visitor is the Intermediate Elf.  He can be relied upon to be very cheeky and gets up to a lot of mischief.   We also have a Santa Cam: the children can wave directly to Santa in the North Pole as he works away with his elves.  However, it’s a two-way camera, so he can also see exactly what the children are doing in Intermediate….

“Pupils of all abilities in all year groups make good progress at all stages.”

Key finding: ISI Inspection

“In Intermediate we try to make learning a mix of fun and formal, as the children make the transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage experience to the demands of National Curriculum.”

Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Creavin