Catholic Life of the School

Our principal aim is to provide the children with a sound Catholic, moral, social and academic education in a disciplined environment.

As a Catholic School we celebrate Masses and other services throughout the year, with specific classes responsible for each celebration. Mass is celebrated on the Feast of St. Angela Merici (Founder of the Ursuline Order) prepared by our Upper One class; in October, our Lower Two cohort prepare Mass for the Feast of St. Ursula (Patron of the Ursuline Order).

At the start of Lent, ashes are distributed at a service on Ash Wednesday; whilst later in Lent, the Juniors have traditionally participated in a Reconciliation service. We also have a service to pray The Stations of the Cross, prepared by our Lower One children. Lent concludes with a play retelling the events of Holy Week, prepared and presented by Upper Two.

Our infant and junior children are encouraged to say the Rosary in May and October, in addition to prayer times in each class. Upon entry to Pre-Reception, our children are taught the prayers that are used daily throughout the school.

It has been our practice to have a Harvest Mass, celebrated by a priest belonging to the Franciscan Order in Canning Town. Children are encouraged to bring in items for their soup kitchen, including tinned meat and toiletries for the needy homeless of this area. We have been one of their primary supporters and our donations have enabled them to offer support to some of the poorest members of the community.

To mark the beginning of Advent, A Christingle Service of Light is held at Brentwood Cathedral. This is a very important and valued event in our School calendar, during which the infant classes re-enact the Nativity story.

As a school we are very grateful to receive support and friendship from the Clergy of Brentwood Cathedral throughout the academic year, particularly as we are cognisant of the many demands upon their time.