Reception is led by Mrs. R. Barlow and Mrs. N. Rushmer who are supported by Mrs. L. Wilson and Mrs. C. Nelson.

“Reception delivers a rich learning experience for the children to develop into confident individuals.”

Mrs Johnson

“In the EYFS, children are encouraged to take small steps to develop self-discipline and resilience.”

ISI Inspection

In Reception Class we ensure that children use every opportunity to thrive by allowing them to explore all they can. We encourage them to develop curious minds through their own investigations and discoveries and support them in the preparation of all the skills they need for the next part of their school journey.

Mornings sessions are packed with fun and engaging activities to promote further development of their phonics knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of number and the mathematical world, where children are provided with time and space for their own assessments with a range of manipulatives, construction and IT.   In the afternoons they have access to a wealth of resources – inside and outdoors – to support the development of their collaborative, imaginative play. Each week they will also learn basic Spanish, have dedicated music, PE, IT and RE lessons.  During the year, they will hear first-hand accounts from visiting adults and professionals on various EYFS topics for example; oral hygiene, Diwali and visiting theatre groups.