Clubs Offered

Current Club Timetable

“Mr Moody runs Chess Club.  There is a club just for fun and also a Development Squad which is by invitation.”

“Mrs. Walsh leads the Dance Clubs.  Sometimes we learn Ballet, others Contemporary or Street Dance.”

“In Computer Club we get to play games.  We can use Apps on the iPads.  We use our coding skills to make Lego robots.”

“It can get very messy in Art Club sometimes!  We use paints and pastels in some of our creations as well as glue and tissue paper.”

“Sometimes we just like ‘to chill’ out in Yoga Club!”

“In Extension Club we practise interviews and record them.  When we go to interviews for senior school we feel much more prepared.”

“In Construction Club there is no right or wrong.  We can just have fun building whatever we want!”

” Maths club is not just about numbers, we designs nets to make different 3d shapes too.”

“Burpees and high knees are just two of the exercises we do at Fitness Club.”

“We play different board games every week.  Bingo requires concentration skills to be used.”

“Problem Solving Club is a fun and engaging way for children to solve a wide variety of problems, including making a tall tower out of very unstable materials!”

” Sewing club is a way for all to learn a very useful skill.”