Children throughout the school collected 20 pence pieces for the annual coin trail. We had a visitor from CAFOD who reminded us that it is our right to have clean water, but many children in the world do not have this privilege. We learnt about the theme ‘Brighten up your life’.

When terrible floods struck Pakistan last year, CWSA, a CAFOD-supported local organisation expert in providing medical help during emergencies, sent a mobile clinic to Ayra’s village. Now the truck containing the mobile clinic has been painted with bright images telling the stories of flood-survivors like Ayra, brightening lives as it continues to provide vital medical care. By doing a Brighten Up fundraiser, such as the 20p coin trail we can help communities like Ayra’s around the world to survive emergencies, rebuild afterwards and make their communities less vulnerable to future emergencies. The winning team in our coin trail was St David’s and the total amount raised was £1,019. Thank you for supporting this important cause.