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E-Safety Week


E-Safety, is an important part of the children’s education at The Ursuline Preparatory School. E-Safety Week kicked off with the whole school assembly, explaining to the children about keeping safe online and using their knowledge of real-life situations, online. Although Safer Internet Day was on Tuesday 7th February, the children had been taking part in a variety of activities involving circle time, storytelling, taking part in interactive activities and creating posters throughout the last two weeks. The children were already informed of some of the dangers that exist online; and furthered their knowledge about how to keep themselves protected online. [...]

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Lower Two Viking Day


Lower Two had a Viking themed day with Portals to the Past. The children and staff all dressed up in Viking outfits (admittedly we generally were not historically accurate in this 😊). During the course of the day the children learnt about how the Vikings came to Britain, over time moving from raiders to invaders and settlers. They also learnt about their beliefs, the roles of men, women and children in their cultures. The class played a traditional Viking board game called Geese and fox, they looked at and discussed artifacts and there uses. The children also learnt about the [...]

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